The first of it’s kind intervention and abrogation activity in the history of people of the southeast Nigeria took place in Abba, a town made up of four autonomous communities and four traditional rulers respectively, located in Nwangele local government area of Imo State, Nigeria, on the 27th December 2018.

At this time the advocacy mounted by POHAI through the use of “Silent Prejudice” television series via a national television network (AIT) in the fight against Osu castes system was barely one year, and therefore, it became a mark of early success after several interfacing with stakeholders and subsequent agreement to abolish the age long tradition.

POHAI led by it’s highly respected resource person, Okwadike, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, swiftly moved in with their media crew on the 25th of December 2018 to ascertain the level of preparedness amongst people of the community on the upcoming event because it had never happened anywhere in the past.

Traditional rulers, illustrious sons and daughters and the entire community were peaceful and in a good mood as they took turns to respond to interviews on camera confidently without fear of attack or molestation.

Traditional rites by traditional institutions were duly performed by the high chiefs (Nze na Ozo) and subsequently, prominent Christian religious leaders headed by POHAI’s abolition animator, His Grace, Arch Bishop AJV Obinna, Catholic Bishop of Owerri dioceses, capped up the event with prayers of denouncement, reconciliation, abolition of the caste system and dedication of people of Abba kingdom to Almighty God.


Owerri Nsuka in Nsuka Local Government Area of Enugu state, Southeast Nigeria, made history as POHAI in collaboration with the National Human Rights Commission headed by Barrister Tony Ojukwu (SAN) championed town hall meetings that resulted to agreements and conviction of stakeholders to abolish, abrogate and denounce the practice of harmful traditional practices in their land on the 15th of October 2020.

Today, reasonable progress has been made in Owerri Nsuka community, in terms of human and capital development because of the power of reconciliation, forgiveness and unity.
Intermarriages amongst previously so called free born and outcastes has brought about mental and spiritual healing in the land.


Mbieri ancient kingdom is the biggest community in Imo State, under MbaItoli Local Government Area in Southeast, Nigeria.

With seven large autonomous communities and massive population, it became a very hard nut for POHAI to crack as several town hall meetings failed, advocacy failed and leadership tussle and internal politics took the center stage.

POHAI became a nightmare to the opposition groups who were against the discontinuation of the practice of Osu castes system in their land.

Consistently, POHAI continued to mount advocacy while mediating between opposing groups and very powerful individuals amidst life threatening circumstances.

Physical assault and violence on victims of Osu castes system erupted all over the land, not minding the legal backing from the National Human Rights Commission.

God’s intervention came through prayers by different religions groups and the doggedness of members of the abrogation local organizing committee who’s chairman escaped being kidnapped by whiskers. Also the executive director of POHAI was marked for assassination and she escaped in two occasions.

This divine intervention became fully manifest on the 28th of August 2021, when Mbieri finally bowed out of a dark era. It was an elaborate ceremony as POHAI and the National Human Rights Commission under the able leadership of Barrister Tony Ojukwu (SAN), and the abrogation animator, His Lordship, Arch Bishop AJV Obinna who incidentally is also a son of Mbieri, lead eight other bishops from the same Mbieri land to reject, denounce, abrogate and abolish Osu, Ohu, Diala and Ume caste system.

Silent prejudice


The popularity of POHAI flagship advocacy program, silent Prejudice tv series became very high to the extent that feedback from the contact numbers displaying at prime times on the screen while the program was being aired weekly became a source of complaint for victims of the dreaded outcastes system across the country.

In their numbers, people called to complain about a community in Imo State where stigmatization and disinheritance due to the obvious practice of Osu caste system was prevalent.

These outcry led to the intervention of POHAI by moving into the community to investigate the claims which turned out to be true.

The National Human Rights Commission was immediately informed and intensive advocacy mounted. The traditional ruler, His Royal Highness, Eze Mathew Onweni, Onye Isi Ala 2 of Ogbor autonomous community in Ugri Ike, Isi Ala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo state, Nigeria was readily available to facilitate town hall meetings and lobbying of his cabinet members.

On the 21st of February 2021, POHAI and the National Human Rights Commission, in collaboration with other stakeholders like POHAI abrogation animator, His Lordship, Arch Bishop AJV Obinna with the consent of the entire people of Ogbo community, laid to rest the menace of Osu, Ohu, Diala and Ume caste system in the land by its complete abrogation, elimination and abolition till date.

Victims especially unmarried women were given incentives in form of skill acquisition, soft loans for economic empowerment and social integration, then match making to facilitate intermarriages in the community.


POHAI investigated a complaint by a victim in Owere Izukala in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State Nigeria and reached out to relevant authorities through advocacy and mediation.

In no distant time, the traditional institution and the people of the community unanimously agreed to stop the barbaric practice of Osu, Ohu, Diala and Ume caste system.

The abrogation ceremony took place on the 29th of December 2021 in a most united and peaceful atmosphere.


Isu na eliliborogu is in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo state, Southeast, Nigeria. It is a town made up of six autonomous communities with very prominent and successful individuals in terms of education and other self accomplishments.

This happens to be the home of POHAI erudite traditional ambassador, His Royal Highness, Eze, Dr. Godwin Ejiogu, Eze Kara the First. It is indeed one of the most successful and stress-free outing by POHAI.

Town hall meetings, lobbying and deliberations where so seamless, that it took less than two months to get the consent of all and sundry to genuinely discontinue the practice of Osu, Ohu, Diala and Ume caste system.

On the 30th of December 2021, all roads led to Isu na eliliborogu town with the National Human Rights Commission, POHAI abrogation animator and POHAI leading the pack to denounce, abrogate and abolish the inhuman obsolete traditional practice.


Complaints emanating from inhuman treatments sent to POHAI triggered action and intervention procedures through the National Human Rights Commission to ascertain the level of human rights abuses and possible mitigation in Ogwa land.

Again, POHAI tirelessly swinged into action to unravel the cause, effect and possible areas of abuse of citizens rights and privileges as enshrined in the 1999 constitution of federal republic of Nigeria, (as amended).

It took over 13 months of advocacy which subtly nudged the people towards logical thinking that appealed to their individual consciences.

Countless town hall meetings were convened within and outside the palaces of six autonomous traditional rulers that make up Ogwa clan.

Fighting enemies within is the worst kind of fight and that prevailed in this circumstance.

A few victims of Osu castes system whom we were actually fighting for; managed to take advantage of the menace to perpetuate and arrogate to themselves, leaders of minority oppressed groups and deprived citizens and continually extort them emotionally and financially.
Ironically, these set of victims (group) where feeding fat on the continued practiced of the castes system.

On the 5th of November 2022, the antics of these elements where discovered, set aside, eliminated and unanimously rejected by traditional rulers of the six autonomous communities and relevant stakeholders in partnership with POHAI, and the age long practice of Osu, Ohu, Diala and Ume caste system was abrogated and denounced in it’s entirety in Ogwa.

Ogwa ancient kingdom is in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo state, Southeast, Nigeria.

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